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“The Yield: Harold Arts 2009 Resident Exhibition” at Johalla Projects, 10.23.09

Johalla Projects

Johalla Projects

Johalla Projects

On Friday, October 23, 2009, Johalla Projects hosted “The Yield: Harold Arts 2009 Resident Exhibition” along with Heaven Gallery at 1550 North Milwaukee Avenue.  Each summer, the Harold Arts Residency Program invites emerging and established artists and musicians to stay at the Jeffers Tree Farm in rural Ohio and produce new works.  The Yield was a part of the week-long event Harvest 2009, which featured musical performances and exhibitions around Chicago and the release of the Harold Arts annual compilation album.  Participating artists shown at Johalla Projects were:

Brandon Alvendia

Zak Arctander

Caitlin Arnold

Michael Boles

Emily Clayton

Kyle Cronan

Elliot Eggler

Allison Grant

Aaron Harris

Kate Jenkins

Stacie Johnson

Katy Keefe

Kevin Malella

Aliza Morell

Michael Morris

Aay Preston-Myint

Renee Staeck

For more information about Harold Arts visit:

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