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“In a Plain Brown Wrapper”, 6.26.10

an exhibition curated by Barbara DeGenevieve and Anna Cerniglia
opening: Saturday, June 26, 7-10pm
June 26 – July 3, 2010

Johalla Projects is excited to work in collaboration with Barbara DeGenevieve to present In a Plain Brown Wrapper, a mixed media exhibition that explores themes of sex. Please be advised that this showcase contains explicit adult content which is graphic. Due to the nature of this exhibition, we ask that everyone who attends be at least 18 years or older. This is not an event for the prude.

In a Plain Brown Wrapper is an exhibition of work that would not be shown in many other venues. It is the end of the first decade of the 21st century and yet the discomfort of the majority of people in regard to naked bodies or talk about sex still fuels the debate about what is appropriate for public display, and whether it is pornographic, or worse, obscene.

Public offense and keeping the children safe from images that might “damage them” are the reasons invoked most often when art with sexual content is brought into question. This show opens for discussion the fact that pornography has become the filter through which imagery of the sexual/sexualized body is understood, analyzed, controlled by law, and condemned even by a population that regularly indulges in its fantasies.

The artists in this exhibition are aware of pornography’s grip on America’s cultural consciousness but are not interested in commenting on hypocrisy. Instead they make work that is related to porn and its numerous tropes, and in doing so, make defiant statements about sex, sexuality, gender, power and the role of fantasy in all our lives.

Featuring work by:

Steven Frost
Elisa Garza
Elise Goldstein
Emerson Granillo
Jesse Hites
Jacob King
Ivan Lozano
Joelle McTigue
Karina Natis
Clare O’Sadnick
Edward Rossa
Joshua Sampson
Talaya Schmid
Kristen Stokes
Jaroslaw Studencki
Bu Tu
Wayama Woo
Meredith Zielke

For more details, please contact:

Johalla Projects
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“Banshee”, 6.12.10

an exhibition curated by Anna Cerniglia
Opening: Saturday, June 12, 7-10pm
June 12-19, 2010

Caitlin Arnold, Bridget, 2008
Image courtesy of Caitlin Arnold

Banshee is a group exhibition exploring the subject of adolescent women. In Irish mythology, the Banshee is a female spirit viewed as an omen of death that appears as either a hideous, old hag or an enchanting, young woman. This showcase of photography captures the status of the contemporary American girl. Anna Cerniglia of Johalla Projects has organized this exhibition with the intention of taking this group of photographs to be shown by our affiliates in Rome. With the popularity of imagery of young females in contemporary photography, we hope to shine a light on some Chicagoans who have been portraying this intriguing theme.

Featuring work by:

Caitlin Arnold
Aron Gent
Maureen Peabody
Daniel Shea
Greg Stimac

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Johalla Projects
1561 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60622

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