Art of Touring in the Tribune! Thanks Lauren Viera!

With any reviews of shows there are always a few motives off, but I will have to say the tribune and wbez hit it on the knob when talking about our show. We never wanted to say that tour or dedicating your life to art or music is to difficult. We simply just wanted to say that a lifestyle of “glamour” takes a lot of work, love and dedication. These musicians and artists and ourselves at Johalla Projects wouldn’t have it any other way. The artwork made for this show was to help tour along.. or to express another artwork one loves. Thanks again everyone,0,6271933.story

Anna Maria Cerniglia


About johallaprojects

Johalla Projects was established in the fall of 2009 by Anna Cerniglia as a venue for emerging and mid-career artists. Located in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, Johalla Projects is a collective space collaborating with artists, writers, and curators. In addition to presenting exhibitions in its gallery space, Johalla works to organize and execute public art projects in neighborhoods across the city of Chicago. Every exhibition and project undergoes a thoughtful selection process, assuring that each show presented by Johalla Projects is comprised of the finest contemporary work.

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