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The Daley Show

The Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) and Johalla Projects Presents:

The Daley Show

Curated by Anna Cerniglia and Peter Kepha

Opening Reception: December 10, 2010

6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

VIP Screening at 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

(Press and Special Invitees Only)

@ Chicago Urban Art Society

2229 South Halsted Street,

Chicago IL 60608

Gallery Hours: Thursday + Friday 6pm-9pm and Saturday + Sunday 1pm-6pm

On View Through January 8, 2010


The Daley Show art exhibition will feature portraits and other art specific projects/installations of Mayor Richard M. Daley, by different Chicago artists. The show will commemorate the mayor’s role as the preeminent political figure in Chicago during the past two decades, and his undeniable importance in shaping the future of the city.   This exhibition can be viewed as a farewell in many regards.

The Daley Show, would employ the same message used for the 50 Alderman/50 Artists show organized earler in the year by Anna Cerniglia, Caitlin Arnold, Jeremy Schuch and Lauri Apple: Be open-minded, take a fair approach to your subject, and focus on the subject’s humanity. As curators, we will encourage participating artists to look beyond their existing perceptions of the mayor, and the roles that he plays before the public — politician, lawyer, executive, etc.— and to strive to depict him as a human being. Mayor Daley is a fascinating, complex person, and it is our belief that asking artists to interpret him will draw attention to this fact.

After Mayor Richard Daley, Jr. announcing that he is not running for office in 2011, the curatorial team decided not to modify their original exhibition vision focused around re-inventing the way people view political posters, propaganda and other campaign imagery.  Select artists will work within the following categories: Logo, Posters, Portrait, Sculpture, and Video.   Taking over 3,800 square feet with with Daley specific imagery will involve a group of 20-30 artists and artmakers.

Mayor Daley and Aldermanic leaders have been personally invited.

Participating Artists

Ray Noland, Nick Adam, Peter Kepha, Ruben Aguirre, Don’t Fret, Billy Craven, Kevin Wilson, Ryan Duggan, among others….

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