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It’s the start of a new year and Johalla Projects has a host of events planned for the first couple months of 2011:

Johalla Projects 2nd annual fundraiser
Friday, January 14, 7-11pm

Come show us your love!  In 2010, we brought you 50 Artists/50 Aldermen, The Art of Touring, WHO’S YR SHAMAN?, Pit Worship: Montgomery Perry Smith, among other presentations and have exhibited hundreds of works for view.  Outside the our gallery space, we have participated in the Lakeview Art Festival, campaigned for alderman Joe Moreno, and completed public murals in Wicker Park and Logan Square.  Please help us continue to mount exhibitions and make art available to you.  The evening will feature an art auction and a raffle.  Art work has been donated by Nick Adam, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Ryan Duggan, Jon Gitelson, Sean Fader, Drew Griffith, Andrea Jablonski, Chad Kouri, Leo Kaplan, Jenny Kendler, Ivan Lozano, Chris Silva, Ian Whitmore, and many more.

Sean Fader Performance
Sunday, January 16, 7-11pm

It is the Greeks’ way of stating they have come to a level of serene exuberance able to enjoy life as children. … In a state where having been fed, and having quenched our thirst, and having enjoyed the pleasure of uniting with others, we have filled with hope and confidence that life abounds with all that we need, … and that food will always be there, … and so, we break the plates, … because tomorrow there will be more. … And we light a fire and dance around it as a symbol of the warmth that surrounds us. … and … We break the plates as a way of saying thank you to those that helped us reach a state of celebrating our life, … as a way of saying thank you to the music that brought peace to the world, … and we break them to honor the one that’s dancing, as we kneel in front of them and look up to them exclaiming: Oooopa !!! …

–       Sean Fader

Matt Siber
Opening: Friday, January 21, 2011, 7-11pm

Johalla Projects, in conjunction with the ACRE residency program, is excited to present new and unexhibited photographs, videos and three dimensional objects by Matt Siber.  Known for his Untitled Project and Floating Logos, he is continuing his exploration of commercial signage, underscoring how it infiltrates environments, subliminally penetrating psyches with simulacra that both mirrors our culture and delivers transparent messages.  His recent project Pulse meditates on the relationship between the camera’s gaze and the automated sign. Giving way to chance, Siber records what he refers to as “urban rhythms” with film and video in various locations in Spain, France and China. This exhibition also marks Siber’s first showing featuring
sculpture; like his photographs, these conceptual works deconstruct the semiotics of advertising, branding and desire and, in the tradition of Minimalism, exist as objects of aesthetic pleasure.- Melissa Marinaro

Ryan Duggan
Opening: Friday, February 11, 7-11pm

Ryan Duggan is an artist living and working in Chicago.  His work spans a number of mediums, but shares a common tonality.  Each piece is a glimpse into his process, never telling the full story, but giving the viewer just enough of the narrative to work with.  Negativity, humor, and honesty are used alongside themes such as death, memory, social hierarchy, and religion. Presenting the ephemera of daily life in combination with the slick language of advertising and signage, Duggan’s work creates a feeling that is both familiar and uncomfortable.

– Ryan Duggan

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