A solo exhibition by Heather Gabel
Opening: October 7th, 7-10pm
Exhibition: October 7th-28th

Heather Gabel has long been known as the artist behind the macabre imagery of Chicago’s punk legends Alkaline Trio. For over fifteen years, Gabel has been combining skeletons, lace, blood, back-alley surgery, and the style of a depressed-but-classy European great-grandmother to create one of the most enduring, stylish, and instantly recognizable branding campaigns in underground music. Now, Heather Gabel is bringing a show to Chicago’s Johalla Projects that features a retrospective of her own work as well as her work with the band, exposing the genesis of her iconic Alkaline Trio designs. The installation will include the original xeroxed/ hand drawn / cut/ pasted t shirt designs for the Alkaline Trio plus notes, album art, old photos, and sketches all pulled from Heather’s archives and displayed in classic ‘high school kid bedroom wall flyer collection’ style.

At the opening reception on Friday, October 7th at 7 pm, Ms. Gabel will be on hand to answer your questions and will be releasing her limited edition book featuring all of the t shirt designs she’s done for the band as well as a limited edition series of prints of 10 designs hand picked by herself and the band that span the entire 15 years that they have been working together. This exhibit is a must-see for fans of Alkaline Trio, fans of Heather Gabel’s art, aspiring artists, anyone interested in branding, collectors, or anyone who just wants to get their picture taken with a pretty girl. So, Chicagoland vampires, punks and lovelorn little skeletons, this is your warning: October 7th at Johalla Projects. Be there or forever kick yourself for missing out on the exact point where your favorite art meets your favorite music.

The show will run from October 7th-28th. After the Opening viewing is made by appointment only. You can make an appointment through


About johallaprojects

Johalla Projects was established in the fall of 2009 by Anna Cerniglia as a venue for emerging and mid-career artists. Located in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, Johalla Projects is a collective space collaborating with artists, writers, and curators. In addition to presenting exhibitions in its gallery space, Johalla works to organize and execute public art projects in neighborhoods across the city of Chicago. Every exhibition and project undergoes a thoughtful selection process, assuring that each show presented by Johalla Projects is comprised of the finest contemporary work.

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