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Johalla Projects + Claire Molek + Don’t Fret

Hangin with Johalla is always a total pleasure. I love these guys and it was super fun to make this video with everyone – I love Dont Fret too and am honored to be working with him. There is a courage and honesty and vulnerability that I feel the market is in dire need of. I do see his work as a kind of service. It sticks with you– Claire Molek


In Collaboration with ACRE Projects: Andrew Mausert-Mooney’s Studio Audience (WEATHER PATTERNS)


In Collaboration with ACRE Projects:

Andrew Mausert-Mooney’s Studio Audience (WEATHER PATTERNS)

JANUARY 11 – 16, 2013

Opening Reception: January 11, 2013 from 8-10PM

Gallery Hours: By Appointment Only

Join Andrew Mausert-Mooney and collaborators* on January 11th for an evening of cinematic vivisection.

**On one end of the gallery there is a set.  An actor performs a series of gestures amidst props, camera persons, a musician, projected backdrops and a studio audience. Simultaneously, at the other end of the gallery, the resulting video piece (WEATHER PATTERNS)  – restricted by frame, dismissive of scale, married by cut – is presented via live feed on a monitor.

The performance repeats, like a voice pronouncing a word until only sound can be heard, for the duration of the opening. At the end of the night a single iteration of the video is selected to run, opposite the empty set, for the remainder of the show.

This opening is produced in collaboration with ACRE Projects.

Andrew Mausert-Mooney (b. 1986) is a Chicago-based artist working with 16mm film,video, performance and installation. Andrew’s work has showed in festivals, galleries and exhibition series around the world including the  American Film Institute, CineVegas, Chicago Underground, Gallery 400, the Sullivan Gallery and Other Cinema. He recently received his MFA from the University of Illinois-Chicago in the Spring of 2012.

*Kimberly Christian, Edward Dignan, Marriana Milhorat, and Tim Nickodemus

**As a preview of the work, the artist has provided the above information.





JP’s Anna Cerniglia Judging IUN Contest


Hey all, as part of our goal to post more content, we’re excited to share more kind of behind-the-scenes information about different aspects of Johalla Projects.

Our director Anna Cerniglia is working as a juror for the Indiana University Northwest Gallery for Contemporary Art‘s open call for a photography exhibition entitled “Documentary Photography: The Economic Crisis.”

The curator for the show is the immensely talented Jennifer Greenburg, who is also an Assistant Professor of Photography at IUN.

While the show’s deadline for submission is tomorrow, we urge to check back right here for a possible spotlight on those chosen for the exhibition!


Johalla Projects is excited to present Chiara No‘s new work, WILD THINGS, I THINK I LOVE YOU this Saturday at 7PM! Join us!


Chiara No’s practice is to redefine and re-construct materials by stripping them of their original purpose and cultural significance, reducing them to objects qua objects. Through the recalibration of these objects, she intends to illicit pure aesthetic seduction. The objects avoid didacticism and social critique; not out of anti-intellectualism, but rather out of an indifference towards intellect. By presenting streamers and embroideries without origin, context, or function, the work’s intent is to highlight their inherent beauty. They are feral forms, practical items which have escaped their domestic sphere. Wholly superficial and unconcerned with wit or place, they lean instead toward an existential happiness, an emotional zone where the pieces’ essential nothingness is in fact its content. And, grouped together, the pieces play against each other, exhibiting an even stronger, more congenial emptiness that defies both original and new milieu; they emphasize that an accumulation of everything is still nothing.

Johalla Projects Gets Revamped!

Hey everyone!

We here at Johalla Projects are excited to start 2012 and our new season of programming! As January gets underway, we have decided to revamp our online outlets. These updates include new looks and much more current and relevant content for our website, our blog, our Tumblr, our Twitter, and our Facebook. We want to get YOU involved and provide really cool information and great art for anyone and everyone interested!

Just as a little refresher for you all, look for us on all of the following:


Twitter: @JohallaProjects





We look forward to hearing from you in 2012!

Ryan Duggan at the California Blue Line

Ryab Duggan at the California Blue Line

This week artist Ryan Duggan will have his piece “Today Is Yours” installed at the California Blue line station. What a great piece to come home to.

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