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Johalla Projects Presents Disappear Here: New Work by Heather Gabel & Matt Skiba


Disappear Here: New Work by Heather Gabel & Matt Skiba

October 4 – October 25, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th from 7-10pm

Johalla Projects is pleased to announce Disappear Here, an exhibition of new work from artist Heather Gabel, in collaboration with longtime friend and Alkaline Trio front man Matt Skiba. The exhibition will feature mixed media collage and painting, as well as a short film produced and directed by Gabel and scored by Skiba.

The pair’s work, like their friendship, is divinely cohesive and seemingly created in tandem when, in actuality, the two live thousands of miles apart. Skiba’s contribution to the works on paper is reactionary to the mystical pretense of Gabel’s illusory imagery, while his accompaniment to the film is inspired solely by his internal deconstruction of a single photographic environment that transcends both space and time. In this sense, the resulting works are reflective and serene.

Disappear Here endeavors to exile the viewer to a meditative place of solitude that hangs heavy with a duality that is at once alienating and self-affirming. The pieces represent the genesis, completion, and infinite nature of a past, a present, and a future in full command of the power to continually re-manifest itself. The result is deliberate, impenetrable – a fortress of the self, strengthened by the alchemies of birth and death.

The exhibition will also feature limited edition prints and apparel available for purchase. A supplementary event – our next iteration of POCKET CHANGE: A PUBLIC ARTS FUNDRAISING SERIES – will be held at at THE EMPTY BOTTLE on Saturday, October 5th.

For more information about this exhibition or about POCKET CHANGE, please contact Anna Cerniglia at johallaprojects@gmail.com


Johalla Projects Presents: Shannon – New Work by Recent Graduates of the Yale School of Art MFA Photography Program

Michael Marcelle, Their Backyard, 2012

Michael Marcelle, Their Backyard, 2012


New Work by Recent Graduates of the Yale School of Art MFA Photography Program

JULY 12 – JULY 28, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, July 12 from 7-10PM

Marzena Abrahamik
Endia Beal
Elizabeth Bick
Johanna Case-Hofmeister
Tommy Kha
Michael Marcelle
Sophie Ruspoli
Justin Schmitz
Sadie Wechler
Rick Yribe

Johalla Projects is very pleased to announce Shannon, a group exhibition of recent graduates of the Yale School of the Art MFA Photography Program. Museum of Contemporary Photography Assistant Curator Allison Grant will contribute an essay to mark the exhibition. Shannon will run from JULY 12 to JULY 28. Please join us for an opening reception on Friday, July 12 from 7-10pm.

Shannon is a collective consciousness, muse, and unifier, a mutual creation between these artists who have profoundly impacted one another. It is a way to express their individual work while, at the same time, find a commonality within their varied experiences as students and colleagues. During rigorous and constant evaluation, the artists attempt to find new ways of working through a diverse range of contemporary issues in photographic seeing.

In honor of Shannon, the artists are presenting their work out of the original context of their theses, interwoven to allow for new relationships and conversations to emerge.

The exhibition examines themes such as the necessity and risk of being in one’s own work, the transformation of the street and exploration of landscape through fantastical and optical manipulations, and the intervention of performance in both staged and nonfiction through improvisational methods of picture making.

Shannon is not necessarily a consequence or the result of their time together but rather the deep connection they all share despite their disparate approaches and practices. Shannon is this unique experience the artists leave behind as they pursue their own paths and voice.

This exhibition is a dedication to him, her, them, and us.

Shannon is being presented at the Aperture Foundation Gallery, NY from July 18 to August 15, 2013.

Generous support for this exhibition is provided by Phase One.

For more information, please contact Anna Cerniglia at johallaprojects@gmail.com

Johalla Teams Up With Sixty Inches From Center

Johalla Projects is excited to once again team up with our good friends over at Sixty Inches From Center (SIFC), the renowned, Chicago-based arts archive and collective.

This time, we’re working with SIFC to help restore a public mural by artists Nick Adam and Thor that was originally begun in October of 2009 at the Logan Square Blue Line stop. The mural, entitled “Home,” uniquely serves as a visual expansion of the home that extends to the neighborhood.It raises awareness and is a reminder that our public space is where we live as well. It is a welcome-mat inviting life, love, growth, investment, respect, and care. It’s these characteristics of home that lend themselves towards thriving and prosperous communities. After all, we think that public art should translate to anyone that experiences it, so the creative vision for this project is for the artists to compose a combination of literal and abstract representations that play on the sentiment of “home”.

However, on its last day of installment a large storm hit and destroyed the mural up to its installation point. Because of this tragic event, some of the initial sponsors had to withdraw funding due to the lack of promotions.

SO, with the fabulous help of Sixty Inches From Center and Alderman Rey Colon, we are IMMENSELY enthusiastic about raising the remaining funds needed to complete the mural at a soon-to-be-announced fundraiser!

So, please stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears open for an upcoming event…We’ll be back soon to give you more information and hope you can join us!



Thursday, June 2 at 10:00pm – Friday, June 3 at 1:00am

DJ set by Chicago rockers The White Mystery Twins!
Rock and roll music provided by The Kings of Maplewood!
Artist Brian Sorg exhibiting artwork!
Things of fries!
Things of nachos!
Old Style beverages!

Streetside Cafe
3201 W. Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL

Ceaseless Blooms in Jobless Colors

One Night Only: May 20th, 2011
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

1561 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Ceaseless blooms in Jobless Colors is a collectively curated show by an upper level course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Presenting a breadth of new work in photography, video, sculpture, and new media, the artist’s disparate practices are brought together under a shared sense of ambivalence about leaving the cloister produced by an art education.

The floor lasts for four years only; intangible though the feeling is, the upset caused by being forced out into the world with only a shirt on one’s back, a degree on file, and a repository of contacts in one’s phone is a sentiment known by all students. What remains to be seen is whether or not everyone concerned will succeed, and how, further, they define success.

Participating Artists:

Thomson Dryjanski, , Brandy Fisher, , Emerson Granillo, David M. Hall, Misato Inaba, Absis Minas, Jen Smoose, Jaroslaw Studencki, Kristen Lee Stokes, Eileen Mueller, Casey McGonagle, Hyounsang Yoo.

Another Duggan shout out, and WHITE MYSTERY ART SHOW photos

Ryan Duggan’s Today, Tomorrow piece from our NEXT booth gets another shout out. Check it out.

White Mystery posted photos from their reception of WHITE MYSTERY ART SHOW with us. View them here!

Ryan Duggan featured, our friends The Post Family get named “Best Booth”

Ryan Duggan’s piece from our NEXT booth got featured in Bad at Sports. They also named The Post Family as “Best Chicago booth at NEXT.” Check it out here!

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