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Johalla Projects Presents Disappear Here: New Work by Heather Gabel & Matt Skiba


Disappear Here: New Work by Heather Gabel & Matt Skiba

October 4 – October 25, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th from 7-10pm

Johalla Projects is pleased to announce Disappear Here, an exhibition of new work from artist Heather Gabel, in collaboration with longtime friend and Alkaline Trio front man Matt Skiba. The exhibition will feature mixed media collage and painting, as well as a short film produced and directed by Gabel and scored by Skiba.

The pair’s work, like their friendship, is divinely cohesive and seemingly created in tandem when, in actuality, the two live thousands of miles apart. Skiba’s contribution to the works on paper is reactionary to the mystical pretense of Gabel’s illusory imagery, while his accompaniment to the film is inspired solely by his internal deconstruction of a single photographic environment that transcends both space and time. In this sense, the resulting works are reflective and serene.

Disappear Here endeavors to exile the viewer to a meditative place of solitude that hangs heavy with a duality that is at once alienating and self-affirming. The pieces represent the genesis, completion, and infinite nature of a past, a present, and a future in full command of the power to continually re-manifest itself. The result is deliberate, impenetrable – a fortress of the self, strengthened by the alchemies of birth and death.

The exhibition will also feature limited edition prints and apparel available for purchase. A supplementary event – our next iteration of POCKET CHANGE: A PUBLIC ARTS FUNDRAISING SERIES – will be held at at THE EMPTY BOTTLE on Saturday, October 5th.

For more information about this exhibition or about POCKET CHANGE, please contact Anna Cerniglia at johallaprojects@gmail.com


“These Moments” Installation Time-lapse Video

Check out this awesome time-lapse video of the installation of Matthew Hoffman’s sculpture These Moments at Pitchfork Music Fest!


Video by Zachary James Johnston.

Public Installation at Pitchfork Music Festival by Matthew Hoffman and Andrea Jablonski

New this year, Pitchfork Music Festival will feature two large-scale art installations from Chicago-based Johalla Projects. Pitchfork enlisted Johalla Projects’s Director Anna Cerniglia to produce the two installations from local-Chicago artists Matthew Hoffman and Andrea Jablonski. Hoffman will create a large sculpture next to the Blue Stage, spelling out “THESE MOMENTS” in eight foot tall wooden letters, elevated twelve feet high and 80 feet wide. Jablonski will transform the VIP Area by covering trees with hundreds of balloons of various shapes, sizes and colors, including glow-in-the-dark and LED balloons, morphing the trees into sculptures and canopies.

For more information, images or interview opportunities, contact Jaclyn Mellini, Johalla Projects Press Manager, at jamellini@gmail.com or 847.209.7426.

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