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“Urban Dwellers” in RedEye

Urban Dwellers was featured in RedEye’s “Deer & Sparkles: New public art pops up.” Check it out!


Urban Dwellers

“The shape of things to come. Nature adapts to the ever-changing neon lit/concrete jungle of the modern world.”

Johalla Projects is proud to announce Urban Dwellers by Andrea Jablonski, in collaboration with Vicki Fuller of VLF Development. Urban Dwellers, large, silver-glittered deer installations, have been placed in an empty lot off of a highly visible and congested street. These structures are meant to serve as a reminder of nature and what may have existed previously, before urban development. Ms. Fuller approached Johalla Projects for this partnership with the goal of enriching the vacant lots near her business, which focuses on urban planning and development. Urban Dwellers debuts the week of June 6, 2011. Johalla Projects is excited to continue collaborating with Ms. Fuller. Please, keep your eyes open for future projects.

Urban Dwellers

The Week of June 6-11 2011
at 1827 Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

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