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Happy Holidays from Johalla Projects

photo by: Joseph Rynkiewicz
clockwise from top: Caitlin Arnold, David Snedden, Anna Cerniglia, Melissa Marinaro, Jourdon Gullett


“Snow Globe”, 12.19.09

An exhibition curated by Johalla Projects and guest curator Christopher Starbody

Momoko Seto, video still from Planet A, 2009
Image courtesy of Momoko Seto

Featuring work by:

Aron Gent ∙ Chad Haldeman ∙ Garrett Jensen ∙ Johalla Projects (Caitlin Arnold, Anna Cerniglia, Jourdon Gullett, Melissa Marinaro, David Snedden) ∙ Sonia Levy ∙ Steven Karl Metzer ∙ Justus Roe ∙ Phil Schuster ∙ Momoko Seto ∙ Nick Spiese

Johalla Projects, along with guest curator Christopher Starbody, presents Snow Globe, a group exhibition exploring the thematic subject of the snow globe. Thought to be invented in France during the early 19th century, snow globes have long held a place in our collective psyche as tschotches symbolizing happiness and blissful innocence.  Simply put, they are plastic (or glass) orbs containing miniature sculptures and a concoction of water, glycerin, and particles.  They are the product of the Modern era, a whimsical, useless, and often cheap object made for the consumption of our entertainment.  Snow globes have since become an American fixture, sold at tourist traps, displayed on the shelves of children, and stockpiled by avid collectors.

The snow globe has seen its popularity remain in our contemporary consciousness due to its ability to delight us with dream-like visuals that tap into our memories.  Like the Romantics who invented this agreeable souvenir, we too desire a window into the quixotic and the surreal.  Featuring sculpture, photography, and film, Snow Globe is a transformation of our gallery space into exactly what it sounds like – a white, wintry realm.  Videos by Sonia Levy and Momoko Seto mediate on foreign ice worlds, while an installation by Johalla Projects in collaboration with Chad Haldeman, Justus Roe, and Phil Schuster set to an audio track by Nick Spiese offers another interpretation on the frigid and frozen landscape.  Photographers Aron Gent and Steven Karl Metzer use their cameras to capture the season in a manner that recalls a particular time and place; the traces of winters’ past recognized within their images harkens back to the very device that has inspired our exhibition.  Snow Globe offers a new way to experience this kitschy and nostalgic item; Johalla Projects invites you to consider our reflections on the snow globe and place yourself within a winter terrain fashioned by a diverse group of multi-media artists.

Melissa Marinaro

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 19, 2009, 7-10 pm

Beer provided by Grolsch, Supporter of the Arts

Exhibition runs from December 19-27

Gallery hours are Saturday 1-5 pm and by appointment during the week


“Long Hand”, 12.5.09

Johalla Projects presents Long Hand, a group exhibition curated by Caitlin Arnold and Emily Green. Featuring sculpture, photography and fiber, Long Hand brings together seven artists whose conceptual work involves lengthy, manual processes. With the constant inundation of the virtual into our everyday lives, these artists return to reality and the use of their physical bodies in the creation of their art.

New work by:

Jesse Avina

Melissa Damasauskas

Matt Shaw

Alise Spinella

Julia Stotz

Peter Takamori

Casey Ann Wasniewski

Opening Reception:

Saturday, December 5, 6-9pm
Beer provided by Grolsch, supporter of the arts

Exhibition runs through December 14
open Saturdays 1-5 or by appointment

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